Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Insomnia...again, but not so bad.

The best thing about insomnia is now that it's holiday shopping time, I can go out all hours and get stuff done! Before anyone even notices that I'm not here- hehehe...

Last night I went to Target and AC Moore. I was THRILLED to see that Target is now open until 11pm! I took my sweet ol' time, despite Mike's absolute irritation that I was out all night. After I left the Target by our house, I headed down the road to the OTHER one...just to see if they had the window shades that I am looking for.

It's some new thermal roman shade they carry and are out of stock everywhere. No luck...

If you've seen the shades in our master bedroom, you KNOW how gross they are. The previous owner must have left the windows open during a monsoon and the shades are all's only been what - a year+ in this house!!!

I finally strolled home...oh around 10:15pm. Hung out, watched tv...and took my Ativan (ummm... x2) at midnight so I could at least sleep until 6am, which I did! It seems to be working!

I must say- I feel awesome! Maybe it's knowing there's only 2 more chemo treatments to go, the adrenaline of getting all my holiday shipping done in like 1 day (thank you target, etsy, ebay and amazon!) or whatever...I know I'll crash on Friday, but I'll take what I can get!

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