Thursday, December 4, 2008

Good News from Dr. Bob and Did I Mention that I'm Crazy?

First off- the good news from my appointment with Dr. Bob (my breast surgeon).

1. No more breast MRI/CT scans, tests...nothing. The only tests I would need are oncology treatment related MRI/CT/PET Scans or Echos to check liver, heart function etc.

2. I have to get genetic testing to see if I carry the BRCA1/BRCA2 gene for breast/ovarian the next few weeks.

3. I need to see the Radiation Oncologist, just to double check that I don't need the next few weeks.

4. No reconstruction surgery until my Herceptin treatment is complete... so we'll start the process around 12/09.

5. My medi-port surgery incision didn't heal as well as Dr. Bob had hoped, so when it's removed (in a year) he's going to go in through the scar tissue and use different stitches when he I really care at this point!

6. Kinda not good news- the numbness in my right arm/shoulder/armpit/chest/back is probably going to be permanent. I'm getting used to it, but it's still weird.

7. Next follow up appointment with Dr. Bob- 6 months!

8. AND he got a good laugh from seeing my knittie-titties! Good job Renee!!!

And here's why I'm crazy:

Today I was up at 5am. I made a toddler apron set, packed 2 diaper bag wrangler orders, ordered velcro (exciting, right), ate breakfast, took Lilly to school at 9am, went to the post office, met with Dr. Bob at 9:30am, stopped by Target (no roman shades in yet), went to Lowes (bought some roman shades that might work), drove to KOP Mall and went to Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, Victoria's Secret (bridal shower shopping), See's Candy Holiday Cart (best candy in the WORLD), left by 11am, stopped at Sonic for a strawberry slush and mozzarella sticks AND managed to get back to Lilly's school by the 11:30am pick up. Yeah for me!


troutrageous1 said...

"Crazy" is not the word I'd use... :P

Caitlin said...

Wow, holy crap. What happened to one store a day? You maniac!!!!

See's candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom used to stock up on it in California! Holy crap. They have that in KOP?!?!! Weeeee!

Is Mike okay with you showing off your knittie titties? You are quite the sass:);)

K.C. said...

Heck yeah there's a See's Candy Cart in KOP mall!!! It's on the lower level by the old Strawbridge's next to Williams-Sonoma. They have been there the past few years for a few weeks at Christmas. Before they were at KOP the closest Cart was at Christiana Mall in DE, and we actually DROVE there to get candy.

I have not worn the knittie titties yet, but since it's going to be another WHOLE YEAR before the implants, I'm getting motivated. It's so much easier just to wear a tank top under my shirts than a bra with "boobs" in it that aren't attached to my body. Plus Dr. Bob is SOO that kind of surgeon that he got a total kick out of it. He's super cool, and yes- I'm sassy.

Mike thinks it's funny, and he did call me crazy when I went on my all night Target mission on Tuesday night. Today...I have no idea what got into me- 2.5 hours of being child-less??? I totally crashed tonight...but now it's midnight and I'm W I D E awake!!!

xo, k.c.

graymama said...

Glad he got a kick out of the titties :-P I have been working on some more for you in a "skin color."

It is weird to have numbness, but you do get used to it. There is a whole section of my abdomen that is numb from my cesarean birth. Maybe I will get a tattoo there someday. Maybe we could go for tattoos together?! teehee

K.C. said... tattoos on that numb right side...the needle could give me lymphedema...that's why I now wear medical ID bracelet. I can't even get a flu shot in my right arm, or get manicures, soak in a hot tub or lots of other weird things....

xo, k.c.