Friday, January 30, 2009

New hair growth pics

I feel like I'm channeling Caitlin... except she's taking pics every week of her gorgeous growing belly and I'm taking pics of my fuzzy head. I'm on week 5 of hair growth...she's on week 29 of pregnancy...

So here's this weeks pics:

I'm starting to feel (and look) less puffy and more like myself. I lost about 2 pounds this week...only 13 more to go! My "original" eyelashes are completely gone. I lost the last 2 stragglers yesterday. I have some tiny stubbly eyelashes coming in and they are super itchy. My eyebrows are growing in and are itchy too. Basically all the new hair growing back is itchy....or the skin is itchy...whatever.

I'm still losing some of the fuzzy head hairs. I'm really getting sick of lint rolling my pillows every day, but what can ya do? It seems to be diminishing, so I'm glad I decided not to shave my head again and just ride it out. It's definitely growing more than it is falling out, so I'm taking that as a good sign.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to FINALLY join the gym. The registration desk is only open from 1-7pm, and unfortunately I can't get there at those times during the week. So tomorrow is the day! I can't WAIT!!! (ummm...I NEVER thought I'd say those words).


Caitlin said...

Thank you for channeling me:)

Check out the newsletter this month- you're in it!

kate31 said...

I came upon your blog from another blog you posted on. I was interested because we have the same initials! I think everyone who has cancer, knows someone, or just the general poulation should read your blog. Your smilely attitude in life brightened up my day. Your an inspiration to all woman kind! I look forward to reading more! Keep smiling!!