Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So much to say!!

Here's a recap of things going on in my "never a dull moment" life:

1. My brother bought a house in Harleysville. Here's the funny part- I went with Andy and Luana when they had narrowed down their home search to the "final 2 houses". The first house I forbid them to buy, it was a potential black hole of home improvements. The second house was awesome... and it turns out the current homeowner is one of Mike's buyers at work. She sits right next to Mike, crazy...huh...

2. My nose hairs fell out. I noticed this on Sunday and it was a little creepy. My nose had been a little more runny than usual. I looked in the mirror and something just wasn't right. Ah yes... missing the nose hairs. I hope when they grow back it's not as itchy as my eyebrows, eyelashes and everything else (yeah, right). I'll probably be rubbing my nose constantly - hopefully people will not think I'm a coke addict. That's not what I need right now!

3. Happy Anniversary. Mike and I celebrated out 7 year wedding anniversary on Sunday. I still joke that it's not legal since the guy who married us in Vegas was a little....uh....shady. So to celebrate, my friend Danielle GRACIOUSLY offered to take Lilly to a train show with her 3 kids and then to dinner with her parents. I think she's crazy, but it was great being kid free for like 8 hours! Mike and I went to Morton's for yummy (but insanely overpriced) steaks.

4. Genetic stuff. I met with the genetic counselor at the cancer center yesterday. We did a family tree and are going to trace the BRCA2 gene within my family. So my dad (the more likely carrier between him and my mom) and my brother are going to get tested. I still think that I'm the first generation carrier, so we'll see how this all pans out. My next stop is to meet with a Oncology Gynecologist to see what he has to say about my ovaries. Ovarian cancer typically is diagnosed around age 40, so the "guidelines" recommend having the surgery at age 38-40 or when you're done having children. There's a lot more that I want to say about all of this, so I'm going to post more after I meet with the Onc/Gyn.

5. Herceptin treatment #3. I had this dose on Monday. It went well except my IV wasn't flowing. I guess at some point the needle might have popped out a little or the tubing was tangled....who knows. There was a backlog of fluid in the little drip catch so my nurse had to push the needle back in a few times and tape up the IV line. Once we got it straightened out we were back in business. The only side effects I have from the treatment is sleepiness (it that a word?) which leads me to the next item...

6. Power "Napping". I was really tired last night, so when Mike got home last night I asked him to take over cooking dinner so I could go lie down in bed. He begged me to "nap" on the sofa, to which I said, no way. Here's the thing, sometimes I just need my soft, comfy, warm and QUIET bed. So at 6:30pm I went upstairs for a quick "nap". Uhhhh, right.....Mike tried to wake me up for dinner but I was just too tired. I woke up...in the same clothes I wore all day yesterday...at 7:30am today.

7. Apron Sale - The Diaper Bag Wrangler Apron Sale ends this Saturday 1/31/09. All aprons are on sale for 25% off (reg. $23, now $17.25). Since I love my bloggy readers so much, I'll let you know that for the month of February, all Diaper and Wipes Organizers will be on sale for just $10!!!

8. Joining the Gym. I have gained 15 pounds since chemo treatment started. Most of it is from the steroids, but this is just getting out of control. I NEVER EVER thought I'd do this, but I am joining the gym. I actually tried to join this morning, but the registration guy wasn't in until 1pm. Curse you Anytime Fitness!!! "Anytime" my hiney!!! All I want to do is get on that treadmill and get rid of this jiggle that does not belong on my body!!! My plan is to go when Lilly's in school and then 1 day on the weekend.

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